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Frequently Asked Questions

Payday Loans, Short-Term Loans and Cash Advances

What exactly does GoDay do?

GoDay provides Canadians with short-term, low-value loans 100% online. These loans are not intended to provide a long-term financial solution.


Do I need to be employed in order to get a GoDay loan?

In order to get a loan you must be actively employed or receiving income from CPP and/or a private pension. We do not currently lend on disability, employment insurance (EI), child tax benefits, old age security, welfare, or social assistance.


Do I need a bank account to get a GoDay loan?

Yes. You must have an open bank account with a Canadian bank or credit union so that we can automatically withdraw funds from your account when repayment is due.


Does GoDay perform credit checks?

Yes. GoDay may conduct a credit check as part of our automated decision making process. It is likely this will have no impact on your credit score, though this does depend on your credit history. Please keep in mind that we consider factors other than just your credit when reviewing your application. To give yourself the best chance of acceptance, make sure you provide accurate information on your online application. If you're an existing customer, you can always update your information with us by contacting GoDay Customer Service at [email protected].


What if I have bad credit?

Credit is one of the many factors we consider when reviewing a loan application, however this does not necessarily mean GoDay will deny you if you have poor credit. There are many other factors that are included in our automated decision making system. To give yourself the best chance of acceptance, please make sure you provide accurate information on your online application.


Can I get a GoDay loan if I am not a homeowner?

Yes. Renters are welcome. As long as you can provide a current address, details of a regular income and a guarantee to repay your loan, we're happy to consider your application.


How do I apply for a GoDay loan?

Complete a payday loan application online or through our mobile site 24/7. The process is quick and easy. Within seconds of submitting your application, we will let you know if you have been approved. Should we need any additional information from you, we'll be in touch promptly by phone or email. If approved, we will use the industry's fastest tools to transfer your loan as soon as possible. If you're ready - click here to begin. Returning customers can re-loan here.


Do you have any retail stores?

No. We operate 100% online since we understand the need for speed of service and the desire for absolute privacy. Why walk into a store when you can do it all right from your smartphone?


How quickly can I receive my loan?

GoDay partners with the most reputable financial institutions and uses the fastest tools in the industry to ensure you get the speediest service possible. Your loan is quite literally on it's way to you once you receive an email from us confirming it is in transit. Actual time to receive your funds depends on your financial institution, but typically it ranges from one hour to a couple of hours. (See our funding chart below for details).

Application Approved Before 2:30pm EST After 2:30pm EST
Monday to Thursday Same Day Deposit Evening or Overnight Deposit
Friday and Saturday Same Day Deposit
Sundays and Holidays Next Business Day Deposit
Please note that funding times vary by financial institution. GoDay advances funds by direct deposit and email money transfer. Please consult a GoDay Team Member for more detailed information.


Do I need to give a reason for my application?

No, and no payday loan company has the right to ask. We do not need to know how you plan to use the money. As long as you borrow responsibly and are able to pay your loan back on time, we are happy to bridge your cash flow gaps.


How do I submit my documents?

If you elect not to complete GoDay's automated application process, you may be required to send in additional documentation. If additional documentation is required, the following options are available:

  • Upload: Login to your GoDay account and submit your documents through our secure online portal
  • Email: Take a picture with your mobile device or scan your documents and email them to us
  • Fax: 1-855-674-6329


How much will a loan cost me?

There are no fee surprises! Exact fees are always disclosed on your application page, as well as on your actual loan agreement. However, should you fail to repay your loan within the specified term, you will incur a one time missed payment fee & interest will continue to accumulate on your outstanding balance until paid in full. This will affect your GoDay Trust Rating.


When will I need to pay back my loan?

GoDay payday loans are generally due on your very next pay date. Loan terms are affected by your pay schedule, borrowing history & GoDay "Trust Rating". Before extending a loan, GoDay will communicate your repayment date and borrowing term. Should you have any questions or concerns, our team is available to help.


What happens if I don't repay my loan?

If you fail to repay your loan within the specified term, you will incur a missed payment fee as per your GoDay agreement, and we will contact you to arrange repayment. If GoDay is unable to arrange payment, your account will be handled by our professional collections team. They will do their best to help you manage repayment. If GoDay is unable to recover the money over a reasonable period, we will forward your account to an external collections agency or legal counsel. Failure to repay the loan will be recorded with the credit bureaus. Information may be supplied to other organizations to trace your whereabouts and recover past due debts. We will do our best to help you figure out a solution. If, however, you fail to cooperate, your credit score will be impacted for up to 7 years, as will your relationship with GoDay.


What if I'm struggling to repay my loan?

Our service is intended to provide a short-term solution to unexpected financial hurdles. We encourage you to pay your loan back on time. If, however, you are absolutely unable to do so, we ask that you contact our Payment Team as soon as possible to discuss repayment. Reach us toll free at 1-888-232-3463.


How soon can I borrow again?

Since GoDay is committed to responsible lending, our policy is that you must repay your current loan with us in full before applying for another. Once your payment clears, you are free to log into your GoDay Account and re-loan!


How do I pay back my loan?

On the agreed date, we will automatically withdraw payment directly from your bank account. If you wish to make alternative payment arrangements please contact Customer Service at least two business days prior to your repayment date. You can reach Customer Service toll free at 1-888-984-6329 or by email [email protected].


How much can I borrow?

The first time you take out a GoDay loan, you can borrow a maximum of $500. As we get to know one another, we are open to discussing an increase in loan amount up to a maximum of $1500.


What do I need in order to get a GoDay loan?

To get a GoDay loan, you must:

  • be a Canadian resident over the age of 18
  • have an open bank account with a Canadian bank or credit union
  • get paid by direct deposit
  • have your own, valid email account
  • provide us with your home or cell phone number
  • be actively employed or receiving income from CPP and/or a private pension


I have more questions

We're ready. Give us a call, 1-888-984-6329.


I want to apply. Where do I start?

If you have not applied with GoDay in the past 9 months please fill out an Online Short Term Loan Application. If you are a returning customer, please log into your account to re-loan.